What is the most read fanfiction on wattpad


Wattpad is a renowned platform that allows people worldwide to read or write stories and fanfictions. However, one question often arises amongst the users - what is the most read fanfiction on Wattpad? As of the data we have collected, "After" by Anna Todd holds the crown. But why is it so popular and what do readers find so compelling about the story? In this article, we will delve deeper into various factors attributing to the popularity of "After".

1. Background of "After"

"After" was initially posted chapter by chapter on Wattpad by Anna Todd herself, grabbing millions of views and thousands of comments. Set in a college environment, the romantic tale is about a relationship between a fiesta freshman girl named Tessa Young and a rebellious guy named Hardin Scott.

What is the most read fanfiction on wattpad

2. Popularity of the Author

Anna Todd is a beloved and influential figure in the world of online literature. Her publishings have amassed a fanbase of millions who waits anxiously for each release. The popularity of the author is an undeniable factor that contributes to the mass reading rate of her content.

3. Relatable Characters

The characters Tessa and Hardin may seem clich├ęd, but they're utterly relatable, and readers could easily find pieces of their own personality mirrored by the characters. This sense of connection to the characters makes the story more engaging.

4. Unique and Catchy Storyline

Although "After" started as a One Direction fanfic, Anna Todd developed an original plot that was hardly one dimensional. This unique and evolving storyline grabbed attention and retained interest.

5. Engaging Writing Style

Anna Todd's writing style is undeniably charming. She knows how to evoke emotions and pique interest in her readers just by carefully selected words. Her dialogues are witty and sharp, her descriptions are rich yet precise, and her narrative is smooth and flowing.

6. Impact of Social Media

The viral nature of social media can often play a huge role in determining the success of a work. With "After", Anna Todd and her fans took to Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to promote and share their love for the book. This digital word of mouth made a significant impact on its readership.

7. Transformation into a Book Series

The grassroots success of "After" on Wattpad led to it being picked up by publishing houses and transformed into a book series. This only amplified its reach and popularity as it gained more visibility in bookstores and online.

8. Movie Adaptation

Ultimately, the story became popular enough to earn a film adaptation, a significant achievement garners wider attention. It not only extended the reach of the story to a larger audience who prefer films over books, but it also helped spike the book's readership.


Q: Who wrote "After"?
A: "After" was written by Anna Todd.

Q: How did "After" gain popularity?
A: "After" gained its initial popularity on Wattpad and later transformed into a book series and movie adaptation.

Q: Is "After" based on real-life incidents?
A: No, "After" is a fictional story, however, the characters Tessa and Hardin are relatable which has the readers resonate with them.


In conclusion, various factors have led to the immense popularity of "After" on Wattpad, which include relatable characters, an engaging storyline, a talented author, and its success beyond Wattpad as it transformed into both a book series and a movie. It proves that gripping content coupled with strategic promotion can produce viral results, particularly in the digital age.


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