What is wattpad fanfiction


Wattpad Fanfiction is a specific genre within Wattpad, a popular online community and digital publishing platform where authors can share their own stories, both original and fan-created. Fanfiction in Wattpad ranges across genres and fandoms, providing a platform for die-hard fans to expand on their favourite novels, movies, TV shows, and even real-life celebrities or situations.

Wattpad provides a unique platform where aspiring writers can connect with readers around the world, receive feedback on their work, and gain exposure to a wider audience. These fanfictions are easily accessible, free to read, and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime thanks to Wattpad's mobile application.

What is wattpad fanfiction

Nature of Wattpad Fanfiction

Wattpad Fanfiction is essentially an embellished continuation, alteration, or reinterpretation of an original story by fans. It stems from fans' love for the original work and their desire to stay in those universes a little longer, explore alternative storylines, or dive into the minds of their favourite characters.

This type of fan writing is often characterized by vivid storytelling, strong engagement with its readership, and the utilization of established characters, settings or plots. However, just like any form of writing, they vary greatly in quality, length, rating, and content. Some opt for novel-length tales, while others prefer short drabbles or one-shots.

Platforms Comparison

Wattpad is often compared to similar platforms like AO3 (Archive of our Own) and However, Wattpad stands out due to its interactive environment and ease of use. The platform is highly accessible, has a user-friendly interface, and emphasizes community engagement. Readers can vote and comment on stories, and the authors can interact directly with these comments.

Meanwhile, AO3 and may offer more specialized genres and sub-genres. Nonetheless, Wattpad's strength lies in its broad appeal, allowing writers of diverse interests and age groups to share and enjoy fanfictions freely.

Accessibility and App

Wattpad's mobile application provides a seamless reading experience, making it possible for users to access a large library of free stories anytime and anywhere. The app provides features such as night mode, customized reading settings, offline reading, and bookmarking. It's a reader-friendly app, promoting the constant interaction and active participation that Wattpad is known for.

Furthermore, the app allows users to write and upload part of a story directly from their phones. As such, Wattpad connects millions of writers and readers worldwide, significantly reducing the barriers to writing and storytelling.

Community and Engagement

The real charm of Wattpad Fanfiction lies in its thriving community. Readers can directly comment on stories and writers can take these inputs to improve their work. Through commenting, voting, following authors, joining clubs, and participating in contests, Wattpad encourages reading as a social activity.

Both readers and authors get to be part of a larger, interactive community that fosters creative expression, mutual respect, constructive criticism, and recognition of unique ideas.

Availability and Variety

Wattpad Fanfiction offers a rich variety of fan-created worlds derived from books, films, TV series, video games, anime, real-life scenarios, and so much more. From the Harry Potter series to K-pop idols, the expanse is quite extensive, catering to fans of all walks of life.

The platform is also home to various sub-genres like Slash, AU (Alternative Universe), Crossover, and Fluff. These wide arrays of content ensure that there is something for everyone on the platform.

Q&A about Wattpad Fanfiction


Wattpad Fanfiction is an entertaining, engaging, and rewarding platform for both amateur writers and readers. Its easy use, accessibility, community interaction, and diverse content make it a thriving space for fanfiction enthusiasts. It is indeed an evolving platform that reflects the expanding creativity and passionate fandom in the digital age.

So, whether you are a fan hoping to explore further dimensions of your favourite characters or a novice writer looking for a platform to share your stories, Wattpad Fanfiction is worth a visit.

Note: The statements above regarding AO3, and Wattpad are based on author's personal views, and the features of the platforms are subject to change over time.

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